Welcome to Clivey and Twist children's and young people's project

 Welcome to the Clivey & Twist

Clivey and Twist is a charitable organisation that was formed in the summer of 2012 following the merging of two charities. The Clivey project was formed in 2001 by local residents and church officials in the Pinehurst area of Swindon in order to tackling an increasing problem with anti-social behaviour involving local young people.

The Clivey project provides a service for young people in the age range of eleven to nineteen, whereas Twist provided a service for younger children, in the age range of six to ten years old and was based in Pinehurst. With the merge of these two charities into a single organisation, we can reduce our costs and provide a higher level of essential service to young people in the local community.

In July 2013 Clivey and Twist moved premises to the John Moulton Hall based in Penhill. This would not only reduce our costs further but enables us to have a wider range dedicated to helping disadvantaged and vulnerable young people and children in the Pinhurst, Penhill and Gorse Hill areas of Swindon